Update on Tumbleweed!

Tumbleweed, born on May 8, 2017 to Kelsey and Luke, was sold to Ryan Schrantz in Alphovette, GA.

Here she is at 8 weeks old:

And here she is enjoying her new home!

Tumbleweed has been renamed Blu by her new owners.
Here’s what they have to say about her:

We love our bluetick. We renamed Tumbleweed Blu and she is a great puppy! She gets along great with our other dog and loves to play. Blu was a quick learner and very food motivated although still only weighing 45 pounds, we hope she stays this size forever and was the runt :). At 8pm every night she looks for someone to cuddle with on the couch until her bedtime. Here’s some updated pictures of Tumbleweed/Blu.
Thanks again!
Ryan and Lauren


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