Update on Holly!

Holly was part of our ‘Christmas’ litter born on December 1, 2017 to Kelsey and Luke.

She was adopted by Coreena Montano from Deland, FL and has been renamed ‘Stella’.

Here she is all grown up and enjoying her home:

‘Stella absolutely loves to watch herself in the mirror. Lol! 
Thank you so much for such an amazing dog! She is absolutely beautiful and her stance is perfect!’
-Coreena Montaño

Update on Tumbleweed (Blu)!

Tumbleweed was born to Kelsey and Luke on May 8, 2017.

Here she is now all grown up!

‘Blu finally grew up and now weighs 70 pounds. We feed her lots of carrots to crave her food motivation. We’ve also started to get Blu to chase and tree squirrels at the park. She got away once and got lost in the woods and howled for 5 minutes until we found her with her loud voice. She’s such a great dog thank you again.’
– Ryan Schrantz

Update on Kibbles!

Kibbles was born on September 25, 2013 to Lady and David.

He was adopted by TJ Martin and renamed Rocky.

Here he is enjoying his wonderful home:

‘From the 2013 “K” litter…..Kibbles renamed to ROCKY. Owner TJ Martin. 5 yrs old now. Looks identical to his daddy Johnsons Blue David. One smart and loved dog.’ – TJ Martin

Update on Rudolph!

Rudolph was born on December 1, 2017 to Kelsey and Luke.

He was adopted by Wayne and Sorrel Pickle in Arcadia, FL.

Here he is enjoying his new home:

We bought a male puppy from you from your December 2017 litter.  His name was Rudolph and we changed it to Gus and we absolutely adore him. He loves to ride our airboat and just hang out on the porch.  We are hoping to find a female that is as pretty as he is to raise puppies..These probably aren’t the best pictures but we wanted to share. Last vet check, he weighed about 83 pounds… – Sorrel Pickle

Update on Angel!

Angel was born on December 1, 2017 to Kelsey and Luke.

Here are some pictures her owner shared with us recently!

“She’s doing well! She’s growing so fast.
I changed her name to Eulah May.”
-Koty Kozak/owner

Update on Noel!

Noel was born on December 1, 2017 to Kelsey and Luke.

Here is a picture her owner recently shared with us!

“Her name is Lilla now. She’s about 24 pounds and growing like a weed. She’s 99% house broken and as sweet as she can be. Not expecting to breed her so probably getting spayed in early June.”
-Henry Hughes/owner

Update on Cactus!

Cactus was born on May 8, 2017 to Kelsey and Luke.

Here is a picture his owner recently shared with us!

“He’s doing great we named him Jedd. We worked with an obedience person to teach him manners and he’s doing good. I’m currently working with him on scent trails he’s already tracked and found a deer that got hit on the road. He really was thrilled and excited when he found it. It ran about a thousand feet into the woods. We’re happy we found and bought him.
Here’s a pic of him with his favorite blanket. Thanks for checking up on him he’s in a loving home.”
-Carl Keiser/owner

Update on Nitro!

Nitro was born on April 7, 2017 to Lady and Luke.

Here are some pictures his owner recently shared with us!

“Nitro is doing great. We have renamed him Omaha. He is extremely active and very boisterous. His bawl is louder than any fire truck horn that I have heard. He is almost 80# now. He is amazing with our 6 year old son. He loves talking back to us on a daily basis. He definitely has his own unique personality.”
-Harl Morgan/owner