Update on Felicity(renamed Sylvy)!

Felicity, born on June 3, 2014 to Buddy and Biscuit, was sold to Harold Potter.

Here she is at six weeks old.


And here she is enjoying her new home!

She was renamed Sylvy by her new owners.

“I got Sylvy a big pillow to lay on but she is under it and sleeps here in the office on a rug. She sleeps a lot. Sylvy has made herself at home here already, she is now buddies with the other dogs and they play together. She likes to bite a little and the male just gets up and moves but the female boxers will jump and snarl some. She now has the run of the yard about 1 acre that is fenced, except at night. She has been sleeping in my shop. I fixed her a bed out of a rug she liked. The first two days alone she cried some when I closed the door, but after that not a peep. She had a small dog pen cage thing to get in, I didn’t close the door,  so she could run around in a room.   She has three other pieces of foam in there, her bowl of dry food in there, her rope you gave her and this morning she had a broom, just the sweeper end, in there.  She is so sweet most of the time but if you make her mad, like not let her have something she wants, she can get angry big time, but only for a second.” –Harold Potter  

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