Update on Licorice!

Licorice, born on January 2, 2016 to Lady and Luke, was sold to Vickey and Andy Walton.

Here she is at eight weeks old.


And here she is enjoying her new home!

She has been renamed Belle by her new owners.

Belle at Angela's 8wks

Belle and Happy are friends

Belle crawls in her crate on her own

Belle eating with fork

 “We named her “Belle” and her UKC name will be Bent Tree Belle of the Bawl. She is living up to that bawl too.  She has proven to be a very, very smart puppy. She totally enjoys playing and running with Andy’s daughter’s Pit Bull Happy and is usually completely exhausted riding home in the truck after a visit there.  She has been to the Dog Park and to the Pizza Joint which is dog friendly.  She is doing very well on leash and is happy to see other dogs and likes to meet them and absolutely LOVES small children.
Belle is sometimes a big handful and sometimes very opinionated…and bellows and trees the door sometimes.  She has many good qualities and we think she will grow up to be a spectacular Blue Tick example.  We are very happy with her (most of the time of course).
Her coolest trick so far is that she LOVES “dog cheese”.  We call this the Kraft singles individually wrapped that she gets as treats.  She learned after ONE DAY how to sit politely and wait…in front of the refrigerator then look at us to let us know to come get it for her.  It is hilarious to see this.  She was SO good at this that we thought she believed her name was “Cheese”.  One more thing, in the picture I am attaching…yes, she can eat off of a fork as a proper well mannered well bred Bluetick is expected to do.  I thought you all would enjoy knowing that!
Thanks for giving her such a good start,”
-Vicky and Andy Walton

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