Update on Lassie!

Lassie (renamed Gypsy), born to Lady and David on February 2, 2011, was adopted by Joe and Cara Edwards in Maryland.

Here she is now enjoying her wonderful home!

image31 image42 image1

We adopted our blue tick and her papers are from you guys, litter 2011 Lassie.
Just wanted to share some pictures of her and let you know she has a happy home here in Maryland! She’s a lazy bum, a pig over treats, amazing with our 3 little girls (they pony tail her ears and tail!), has an amazing nose- which some times leads her to trouble- here she finds too many skunks!
We’ve had her 6 months and she is the best dog!! Loves our other two pups, just the perfect dog!!
Cara & Joe Edwards, and pup Gypsy :)”

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