‘PR’ Johnson’s Blue Grace


November 21, 2004 – January 27, 2013

Purchased at nine months old, Grace was our first bluetick. Her sweet, loving spirit soon had us hooked and we ended up getting David the following year. The two of them quickly became best buddies; it was not uncommon to see the two of them playing chase and wrestling with each other.

Fun facts about Grace:

When drinking from her water bucket, she always submerged her  nose and mouth completely underneath the water. 

She was a digger; any fence she wanted through she usually always found a way to dig underneath.

She loved to play like an overgrown pup; she would often poke and  tease at David until he finally played with her.

When she barked, she always dipped her head and front legs as if bowing. 

She was a close-in hunter.

She loved vanilla ice cream cones.

She loved to cuddle and would bury her nose under your arm for a snuggle whenever she could.

Grace will always have an extra special place in our hearts.
She is sorely missed.

The bark heard on the front page of our website is Grace’s.

‘PR’ Johnson’s Blue David & ‘PR’ Johnson’s Blue Grace

Sire: ‘PR’ Rio Honda Blue Jr

Grandsire: NITECH ‘PR’ Dixie’s Blue Diam. Jake

Great Grandsire: ‘PR’ Smokey Hill Blue Boe
Great Granddam: ‘PR’ Dixie’s Blue Twister

Granddam: ‘PR’ Terry’s Little Blue Sandy

Great Grandsire: ‘PR’ Ebarb’s La. Bl. Trapper
Great Granddam: ‘PR’ Jones’ Blue Cindy

Dam: ‘ PR’ Rio Honda Blue Daisy II

Grandsire: ‘PR’ Harper’s Oklahoma Blue Sam

Great Grandsire: ‘PR’ Thomas’ Steelblue Fire
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Great Granddam: ‘PR’ Robinson Blue Liz
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Granddam: ‘PR’ Newman’s Southern Blue Daisy

Great Grandsire: CH GRNITECH ‘PR’ Bloxam’s Owl Cr. Zoom
Great Granddam: ‘PR’ Bloxam’s Owl Cr Lady

These are some pictures of Grace’s puppies: