Update on Holly!

Holly was part of our ‘Christmas’ litter born on December 1, 2017 to Kelsey and Luke.

She was adopted by Coreena Montano from Deland, FL and has been renamed ‘Stella’.

Here she is all grown up and enjoying her home:

‘Stella absolutely loves to watch herself in the mirror. Lol! 
Thank you so much for such an amazing dog! She is absolutely beautiful and her stance is perfect!’
-Coreena Montaño

Update on Rudolph!

Rudolph was born on December 1, 2017 to Kelsey and Luke.

He was adopted by Wayne and Sorrel Pickle in Arcadia, FL.

Here he is enjoying his new home:

We bought a male puppy from you from your December 2017 litter.  His name was Rudolph and we changed it to Gus and we absolutely adore him. He loves to ride our airboat and just hang out on the porch.  We are hoping to find a female that is as pretty as he is to raise puppies..These probably aren’t the best pictures but we wanted to share. Last vet check, he weighed about 83 pounds… – Sorrel Pickle